Matt Lennert        photo by Jenna Close



Painting has become an addiction and something I could not live without. It's strange how I came to the medium, though. I grew up in a family of photographers and I studied it in college, and then worked professionally for many years. I went back to get my masters in photography and about halfway through the program, where I had been studying lots of different kinds of artists and art history, I had an epiphany and decided I could paint, having never done so. So, that's what I did—I left the program and began painting.

I took to the medium very quickly and all of those years of composing and color theory as seen through a viewfinder translated to the canvas naturally. I studied for a few months with Los Angeles artist, Gary Paller, and made friends with the artist Chris Trueman, who was always willing to talk to me about art (and wine!). My mothers—both natural and step—are painters and, no doubt, I was influenced by them.

My first few years were dedicated to abstract expressionism, but as I found my own voice, I allowed myself to follow an instinct to paint the landscape, slowly reducing my work with brushes and instead honing my style with the palette knife.