Matt Lennert


Personal photography projects keep my composition skills sharp, my creativity flowing, and they encourage me to see the world more closely.

Portraits of Interesting People


Order Reordered, MFA Work 2012–2013 — Academy of Art University

An exploration of spatial relationships that challenge the verisimilitude of universal photographic perception. High depth of field creates a uniform surface plane from which shapes and colors spring forward or fall back, but this often creates cognitive dissonance. The use of abstraction, form, color, plasticity, and especially flatness create a visual experience that requires intellectual engagement to unravel what is seen.


Night Photography 1998–2003

Long exposure film photography shot with a Hasselblad 500 C/M on Ilford Delta 400 film. Exposures range from several minutes to a few hours.


Tuscany 2018 — Shot on iPhone 8, processed with Lightroom CC


Desert Southwest 2015–2016 — Shot on iPhone 6


Seattle 2015 — Shot on iPhone 6